How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

How to add links to Instagram Stories

Now that the condition for accounts to add links has been removed, this feature is accessible by all users on Instagram. The company has recently announced the global rollout of Link Stickers so it may be a while before it gets added to all accounts. The link can be pasted anywhere on the Instagram Stories. Follow these simple steps to add links to your Instagram Stories.

  1. Head to the Instagram app and swipe right. The option to post a story shows up. A user can post a photo or a video as a story.
  2. Once the photo is inserted, swipe up to open the sticker tray. The Link option should show up just below GIF and next to the poll widget options.
  3. Click on the Link option and paste the URL you want to add to the story.
  4. The link then shows up as any other sticker on an Instagram Story. This Link Sticker can be moved around and placed on any part of the Story.
  5. This Link Sticker is clickable and once clicked, it takes the user to the URL published.
  6. Users can then post the story on their account by clicking on the Share option.

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